The best crafty catcher boilies of 2022

Looking for the ideal boilie in 2022? In this blog I will try to explain to you what I look for in the search for the ideal boilie.

The most important ingredient!

In my opinion, there is no discussion about the fact that, trust in the bait is the most important factor. If you don't have that confidence, the session will quickly become a rut and you'll be longing for a take. If there is confidence, it is perfectly fine to catch nothing for a while without any doubts about the bait you're using. I have already told many people that 'we' carp anglers have to deal with many factors. These can work against us as well as for us. Think of currents, weather forecasts, choice of bait, bait presentation and/or crayfish and so on.

A simple example: the whole feeding area may have been eaten by carp, but a line that has been tangled will often not hook them. So your bait did exactly what you expected but you didn't give yourself the chance to hook the fish. Is it the bait in this case?

In my bait selection I mainly pay attention to 3 things. Digestibility, usability and taste. There are many ingredients that really add something to a boilie or not. I like to leave this up to the bait companies themselves. They can explain the choice of certain ingredients much better than I can.


Digestibility is important because I often choose to pre-feed. By doing so, I hope to prevent the fish from being satiated before my fishing session. The ingredients used that provide a satiating effect on the carp need to be corrected with laxative ingredients in the same boilie. By creating a certain balance in a boilie in this way, you ensure that a feed spot can maintain its effectiveness in the long term.


Taste is also an important factor in my choice of a particular boilie. When I cook my meal at home, the taste is also very important. This will not be different for our finned friends. Note: Taste is not the same as smell!

I always taste a boilie after buying it. This is where I look at how the boilie tastes. If you know what ingredients have been used, there are no risks when doing this with Crafty Catcher boilies. It is not advisable to do this with just any brand. It is therefore often stated on the packaging: "Not for human consumption". You can only try it if you know the exact composition. I do not taste and eat the boilie!

When it comes to taste, I look for our normal palette of flavours: sweet, sour, salty, bitter or if pepper/chilli is used, also for a sharp aftertaste. In my opinion, the composition must have all the elements to gain my full trust. The nice thing about using two flavours or tastes (raspberry-black pepper, scopex squid, crab-sea salt etc.), is that during the session, you can choose which characteristics you want to enhance. Sweet often works better in terms of the instant effect and heavier flavours such as fish and krill often work for the longer term.

With the Salty Tuna, I make sure that the first smell that is given off is Krill. After this taste subsides, the saltier fish taste of Salty Tuna lingers. This effect is also present underwater in my opinion. The salty taste of tuna is often enhanced by the liquid 'Krill hydrolysate'. This liquid binds well to the boilie and after I let it soak in for 24 hours, the smell is slowly disseminated from the bottom. I often add tinned tuna on a water basis to stagnant water. The oil-rich tuna creates a nice smell around the bait and a slow vertical feed column. This column is caused by the natural oils in the fish, so it is ideal for targeting fish in different water layers.

A final detail regarding my bait selection is that I always choose high quality bait. Knowing that I arrive at the water's edge with fresh ingredients in my bait, gives me extra confidence in the chosen bait.

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