Crafty Catcher now available in Europe!

Crafty Catcher now available in Europe!

For over 30 years we’ve focussed ourselves on making the best high quality baits and becoming an established bait brand. But we never stop expanding our vision and now we want to bring all of our high quality products to carp anglers all over Europe!

Our name is already known throughout the entire UK and among serious & old time carp anglers all over the world. Now it’s time for you to meet our products! Take a look around on our brand new European website and find great carp Baits, meet our team, check our newspage, find out where you can buy our products and a whole lot more.

Want to learn more about us? Check our ‘About us’ page here!

Hard work pays off and through experience we’ve learned the same. That’s why we’ll never stop expanding our reach or innovating our baits. This means listening to our customers and always trying trying to find new retailers and distributors is very important to us.

Want to know where we’re selling our Crafty products in Europe? Click here!

We haven’t covered all of the european country’s just yet, but with some retailers already shipping through all of Europe. Our Crafty products are never out of reach! This makes us very happy because this way all serious and crafty carp anglers have the possibility to fish with our great baits and share their experience with the world. But it’s never enough!

We hope to meet you at one or more of the upcoming angling shows, on the bank and /or at our social media channels. And we would be happy tot tell a little more about ourselves there or help you with bait advice and knowledge. We would love to receive the same from you guys, because getting crafty takes knowledge and we would love to know what you guys know/think!

Enough about ourselves, Craft Catcher products are available throughout all of Europe, so get Crafty!

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