Review: King Prawn

Review: King Prawn

King prawn, close to nature
Autor: Fred Janssen ​

When I started fishing with products from Crafty Catchers my first choise was King Prawn. My eyes fell for the looks and the ingredients wich are printed on the bags. Former products from CopdockMill showed me that they can produce baits wich are as close to nature as possible. The pond I often fish for new stocked fastgrowing carp, has a plage of crayfish. My guess was that the king prawn would make me the difference I was looking for. Often thats the case when you have to compete with other anglers, other species, crasfish and other baits. Find out that detail that makes the difference and you can have great results. I’m not the person to stand in line with all the others to do the same. Just that edge i found in king prawn. And not only in the local pond, also in my sessions in france on a lake a yearly visit.

King Prawn products has a great smell thats stays as long a i like, even on a muddy bottom. The baits a sometimes a little to soft, after drying them and soak them in the king prawn soak or any other soak fort hat matter, the baits a perfect. I use them in short instant sessions and on longer trips. I started of fishing freezerbaits, but couldn’t find any difference with the ready mades. At least not in my style of fishing and approach of using this baits. Mostly i fish double bottombaits or a snowman combination with the washed out pop-ups. When i take out the lines and look and smell the inside of the boillie, the good stuff is still there!! Looking back at my results, i get a great smile on my face. Many catches, all through the year everywhere i go. New bp’s, instant results, sleepless nights hard work time after time.

King prawn never let me down and improved my fishing more then I imagined.

This made me choise to try other baits from the company very hard, but they also have to make a chance. They did, and as expected, they also proved the money is well spent.


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