Gary Norton

Gary Norton

From the age of six years old, after my father took me for the first time, fishing became a "need" and not a choice! I loved it that much, as I grew up, so did my approaches, fishing for different target species. I float fished, pole fished, feeder fished and finally discovered carp fishing, this was just after I had my first low 20lb fish on the pole! A very hard and long fight and infront of my carp fishing pals. They then suggested (with true british banter) that to catch a carp on a carp rod would be harder!??? "Oh rite", "Challenge Accepted" and I went and got myself some kit! That was 20 years ago!

I bumped into crafty around 12 years ago now, with my good friend Cliff Davis, since then I have never looked at another company's bait. Literally landing 1000's of fish in and around the UK, from syndicates to some of the best day ticket venues in the country.

5 years ago I settled in the South West of France. Its literally a "Wild Carp Mecca!" Rivers, lakes and inland seas of over 3000 acres, all respond amazingly to the range of baits from Crafty Catcher and over the last few years my clients that visit me in the Dordogne have landed two fish over 60lb on the "Raspberry & Black Pepper" whilst on their tour in 2016..... My pb however is still just under 60lb at 59.10oz.....the 60+  will come very soon I'm sure. Though with 20 fish landed over 50lb in the last few years I'm still pretty happy!

Springtime signals the start of the season for me after overwintering in the French Alps for the ski season, a 5 star Chalet chef is my trade through each winter and the rods have to be put on hold for a few months, however with April around the corner now the countdown has begun! 

King Prawn, Raspberry and Black Pepper, Chocolate Vanilla Malt and the Krill and Garlic are without doubt my "goto" flavours In the huge range of baits on offer, combine these with the "PVA friendly Particle range" and the other groundbaits like the "Method Mix", "Munga Mix" and the mixed pellets, I have the ammunition needed for each fishing situation. Along with wafters, pop ups and the awesome "Tip Offs" allowing me to mix up the hookbaits until I find the hookbait that the carp just cant leave alone! 

Follow my fishing on Instagram @garynortoncarpfishing or over on Facebook Gary Norton Carp Fishing I'm more than happy to answer any questions or give advice to anyone asking! Heres to the coming season! Good luck everyone!